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Your Smart Sharp is Wipe Clean Only. Not suitable for dishwasher. Do not submerge in water.

Category: FAQs

The Smart Sharp sharpens blades to an exact angle of 20 degrees.

If you have previously sharpened your knife on a whetstone or steel then please note that due to the more freehand nature of these methods, the blade angle on your knives may be uneven or outside typical ranges. Therefore, it may take extra time and perseverance initially for your knife to adopt the new angle. Once achieved, continued use of the Smart Sharp will keep your blades at an even 20 degrees and future sharpening will take a fraction of the time.

The Smart Sharp is an all in one sharpener and is not intended to be used in conjunction with other sharpeners or sharpening methods. This is because sharpening angles on other devices may be different.

Stage 1 – Prepare (Diamond rods) – Smooths out any nicks & imperfections that could cause the blade to ‘catch’ during the sharpening stage. Roughens the knife edge to provide an even surface for sharpening.

Stage 2 – Sharpen (Tungsten Carbide Plates) – Slot 2’s precision angled plates then create the perfect sharpened ‘V’ edge on even the bluntest knife.

Stage 3 – Hone (Ceramic Rods) – This is for final edge honing. It will remove any burs and gently polish the edge of the blade to bring it to its final finish.

Category: FAQs